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After a horrifying act of violence left him disabled, scarred and in fear for his life, Alex Michaels has spent the last seven years hiding from the world. Living in a prison-like house in Melbourne, Australia under an assumed identity, the reclusive man works from home making cupcake recipe internet videos. Using the screen name CupcakeBoy, his thriving home business has amassed a huge online following, but Alex maintains his anonymity by never showing his face in his videos. But on one of his rare trips out into the real world, he quite literally runs into a man who will shatter the protective walls Alex has spent years building around himself.

Nick Hawke owns a successful fitness empire, with hundreds of gyms across Australia. But his busy schedule, dominant tendencies and deep attraction to chubbier guys means he rarely gets to meet compatible men. That all changes when he accidentally knocks over a gorgeous, plump man outside a coffee shop who is just his type. But the man is secretive, anti social and refuses to give Nick the time of day. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Nick pursues the mysterious Alex and hopes to not only uncover his secrets, but win his heart.

However, their budding new romance has attracted the attention of a dangerous threat from Alex's past. One that could cost both men their lives. It seems Nick isn't the only one chasing the cupcake boy...

(60,000 word count)

Belletristik und Literatur
14. Juli
Alex Leslie

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