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City of the legions. 2. The Next Generations.

A sequel to City of the legions; the Founding fathers.

This saga of the Aurelian family continues during Roman expansion during the latter part of the first century Ad.
The Flavian Emperors, Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian are the power brokers in Rome.

Deva and Tiberius become close to the throne as Octavian reaches manhood. This benefit proves something of a dilemma, for the family, when one brother replaces the other as Emperor.
Aurelia gains a taste for when in Rome. She will witness the hundred day opening of the Coliseum, bet on a race in the Circus Maximus, suffer an orgy of delights and derogation as she seeks to discover her roots down a labyrinth of life’s experiences.
Octavian joins the famous governor Agricola in those final years of Latin conquest in Britain. Marcus receives an offer he cannot refuse after Pompeii lies buried under a mountain of ash.
This sequel is another warts and all story of ambition and desire as our ancient brethren strive for assimilation with their new masters.

No one invented saints in the first century Ad. There is a hint of something shocking when Aurelia bends the rules, though a little suffering is good for the soul the old Gods demandit.
I paint as it was not is. If you enjoy this taste of ancient reality, spread the word and be patient.
The City of the legions: the new conquerors (1050-1100) should become available during 2012.
Those who are about to die salute you.

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31. Oktober
Anthony A Roberts

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