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We cannot imagine that we know God, if we do not have communion with Him. Puritan Matthew Barker defines that holy communion for us as one who walked in experiential Christianity. Charles Spurgeon then argues that the new birth establishes a principle of life from which communion with God springs in all regenerate souls. What is the nature of this communion? Benjamin Keach gives us a wonderful overview with heart moving, biblical thoughts. In the first of three articles, John Owen introduces us to communion with the Father. Matthew Barker offers another article by helping us to obtain and maintain that holy communication with our Savior and Lord. Owen then gives a wonderful glimpse at what communion with Christ looks like, sprinkling his text with the Song of Solomon. Can we honestly say that we hunger and thirst, even yearn and long for God’s presence and fellowship? Thomas Brooks beautifully lays out what the regenerate soul seeks after. In his last article, Owen gives a very brief look at communion with the Holy Spirit—a practice that is probably rare for many. John Flavel fills our hearts and souls with the loveliness of the heavenly privilege that we have in communion with God. And Thomas Brooks brings this issue to a close by calling us to keep our communion with God alive and healthy as a sound defense against Satan’s snares.

Religion und Spiritualität
12. Juni
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