Community Psychology

John Moritsugu und andere
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Community Psychology, 6th Edition offers an easy-to-navigate, clearly organized, and comprehensive overview of the field, with theoretical roots that carry over to practical applications. Presenting the concepts of community psychology and social change, these concepts are then applied to various systems addressing the human condition: mental health, medical, public health, school, legal, and industrial/organizational.

Through a unique three-part approach, including concepts, interventions, and applications of the theory, the book opens the field of community psychology to students who are interested in how psychology might help themselves and the systems around them. It then focuses on the prevention of problems, the promotion of well-being, the empowerment of members within a community, the appreciation of diversity, and an ecological model for the understanding of human behavior. Attention is paid to both "classic" early writings and the most recent journal articles and reviews by today’s practitioners and researchers. Historical and alternative methods of effecting social change are explored in this book, with the overall theme that the environment is as important as the individual in it.

This 6th edition will include new topical subjects such as grit and life success, changes in technology and their impact, interventions based on networking, social movements and justice, dealing with stigma, and new models of health. It will appeal to advanced undergraduates as well as graduates taking courses on community psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology, and related fields.

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