Company Property: Sally (Boss, Erotica, Mind Control, Office, Sex, Straight‪)‬

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In this 3,500 word story, a young woman named Sally gets a new job at a big company. Receiving a phone call from her boss to welcome her to the company, she quickly learns the new responsibilities she'll have - to serve as the sexy property of her sexy boss. Mature audiences only.


“Well, I don't want to sound like a chauvinist or anything,” Mr. Cole replied. “But I do feel that men and women have very different responsibilities.”

“I'm sorry, what?” I asked, both confused and growing slightly annoyed. Different responsibilities? Who did this guy think he was?

“Well, of course, Sally,” Mr. Cole said. “My responsibilities are pretty boring. Running the company, taking care of big reports, making sure we run a profit. Whereas your responsibilities are much more fun – all you need to do is submit to me. Take care of my needs. Be consumed by your desires. Doesn't that sound much more fun?"

I should have gotten angry, I knew I should have gotten angry. What sort of misogynistic garbage was he saying? But somehow, I felt something much different than anger. It was desire welling up in me, lust and arousal, and even more than that, I felt a lovely haze rolling through me, wrapping my mind up, making me feel warm, warm and submissive.

“W-what?” I managed to stammer out, my hand nearly dropping the phone. “This is... I don't understand... you shouldn't...”

“Shh, Sally,” Mr. Cole murmured warmly, his voice thick and powerful. “You don't need to talk right now. You just need to listen. Listen to my voice. No more thinking, no more talking, just listening. Just obeying. Do you understand, Sally?”

“I, um, I,” I stammered out, then fell silent. As much as I knew I should be saying something, or just throwing the phoned down, more than anything else, I wanted to hear what else he was going to say. He had me hooked, his words entrapping my mind.

“Good girl,” Mr. Cole said, and I nearly moaned at the praise. I wanted more. I wanted him to praise me more, it felt too good.

Belletristik und Literatur
18. November
Joy C. James

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