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Contemporary Chinese history began in 1912 after the last Chinese emperor abdicated the throne and the country became a republic. After 1912, warlords, Kuomintang, also called the Chinese National Party and the Communist Party emerged in the Political stage. After 1931, Japan seized Manchuria—an act that eventually began a war between the two nations in 1937. During the Japan-Sino war (1937-1945), the Communist Party and the Kuomintang was forced to cooperate with each other to fight Japan. A civil war between the Kuomintang and the communists broke out (1946-1949). The result was communists came to power. During the early years of communist rule in China and the People's Republic of China, mass starvation, malnutrition, and disease, political purge, communists, Great Leap Forward, Cultural Revolution...

01 序编 Preface 1
序言 2 Preface 2
序言 3 Preface 3
02 国父孙中山 Father of the Nation Sun Yat-sen
03 辛亥革命 The 1911 Revolution
04 袁世凯复辟 Yuan Shikai's restoration monarchy
05 溥仪和满洲国 Puyi and Manchukuo
06 民国军阀 Warlord Era
07 北伐 Northern Expedition
08 黄埔军校 Republic of China Military Academy (中华民国陆军军官学校)
09 新文化运动 New Culture Movement
10 白话文运动 Vernacular Movement
11 国共关系 KMT-CCP relations
12 长征 The Long March
13 卢沟桥事变 Lugou Bridge Incident
14 西安事变 The Xi'an Incident
15 南京大屠杀 The Nanjing Massacre
16 四行仓库保卫战 Defense of Sihang Warehouse
17 中国远征军 The Chinese Expeditionary Force
18 国共内战 Chinese Civil War
19 国民政府接管台湾 National Government takes over Taiwan
20 二二八事件 February 28 massacre
21 土地改革运动 Chinese Land Reform
22 朝鲜战争与中国 The Korean War and China
23 大跃进 Great Leap Forward
24 文化大革命 Cultural Revolution
25 改革开放 Chinese economic reform....

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