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Quickly learn to use your Joule Sous Vide cooker like a pro!

Easily make the best steak you've ever had, and amaze your friends and family with meltingly tender and flavorful meals. Learn proper temperatures to safely cook meats, and how to safely use plastic bags.

The Joule Sous Vide Cookbook will help you:
GET THE MOST FROM YOUR JOULE - clear instructions with photos so you can spend your time eating amazingly delicious burgers or gourmet meals instead of reading and researching how!QUICKLY LEARN PRO TRICKS - how do you pre-cook and then braise meats to perfection? How do you choose the right plastic bags? And much more...EASILY AMAZE YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY - easy to follow instructions and wide range of recipes practically guarantee you will amaze your guests with meats that are meltingly tender, and recipes that are surprisingly flavorful!LEARN CORRECT TEMPERATURES - to ensure you avoid getting sick from bacteria!LEARN HOW TO COOK MEALS WHILE AT WORK - so your family can enjoy delicous home-cooked gourmet-quality meals without spending hours in the kitchen!
PLUS... 101 Delicious recipes showing exactly how to make:
Slow Braised Beef Short RibsTender Sous Vide BurgersPerfect NY Strip or Ribeye SteakChicken TeriyakiJuicy Sous Vide Turkey BreastSeared Salmon FiletsSpicy Garlic ShrimpMouthwatering Rack of LambLamb VindalooPerfect BBQ Pulled Pork ShoulderPerfect Poached EggsClassic Eggs BenedictFlourless Chocolate CakeCoconut Custard
Many, many more delicous sous vide masterpieces...

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