Beschreibung des Verlags

This book will address the recent market crash, analyze current market conditions, go over ways to keep your investments safe and even profit from market decline, go over future projections and outlooks.

I have been dabbling at making video content about the markets and trading early this year as a content maker in January where I had predicted that we were likely to have a market breakdown and headed to a bear market due to the effects of Coronavirus, a disease nobody took seriously at that point in time. Based on what was happening with the market in late January and the specter of Coronavirus, my outlook turned negative and I was telling the few people who were watching my video that the market will likely crash and to prepare for it. Off course the market did crash, and boy what a crash, one for the ages. Now looking back, I felt that I should have created a report or a blog where I can go in detail about my analysis and keep a regular journal so as to have my market and trading related writings for interested individuals. Early May, as I was tracking the market it looked to me that market is showing signs that it might be stalling out around 2900 on S&P500 on its rally from the crash in February, and is now poised to decline again as is usual price action in bear markets. Thus on 6th of May, 2020 I decided to create my blog and website to write and go over this possible market decline if not an outright crash that is coming our way. Well as is usual in anything that I do, what I thought will take me an hour and will be 1-2 pages long ended up getting more packed and even more packed, one topic leads to another, 1-2 pages became 7-8 pages. So, it come to a point where I just decided to make a book, and I just went with it. I am very happy to have created content that will help all individuals especially investors who are concerned about the market, and is looking to gain some clarity for the futures of the market in the age of coronavirus and steps they could take to prepare themselves and safeguard their wealth and portfolios.

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25. Mai
Syd Chowdhury