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Melina was seriously angry, yet more at herself than anyone. She always took costumes seriously, put so much work into her own, even going so far as to ensure her costume, a mind controller, was actually a functional one.

With just a flick of her wrists, little circuitry activated in the sleeves, and Melina could snap someone in and out of trances, altering and controlling their minds. It was the perfect costume for her, and she had the backstory to make the costume work. All she wanted was for others to take their own costumes as seriously, to realize that there had to be a reason they were dressed a certain way, otherwise there literally was no reason for the costumes they wore.

Yet Christina at the first house she visited had shown no respect for costumes, even dressed as a corpse bride, so Melina had just left that house, pissed off she didn't even get any candy, only satisfied by the fact that Christina's boyfriend would be truly trying to make sure his girlfriend truly embodied her costume soon enough.

Still, there is no walking off an annoyance like those two, and it's on the next street over, still fuming, that a car screeches to a stop, Melina in the middle of the road.

Unable to see past the blinding headlights, Melina doesn't need to see to tell that the driver is a real bitch, screaming out the window, calling her names, telling her to get out of the way.

As Tyler tries to calm his angry and clearly worked up girlfriend Hayden, she kicks open the driver door and stalks out to confront Melina, neither of them aware just how poor a decision any confrontation with her is... particularly when they both wear costumes, having been headed out to a costume party.

Angrily ranting, Hayden barely cares that Melina is getting a nice opportunity to gauge the costume the high school senior is wearing.

For Melina though, it's a typical costume, stockings and skimpy details making the maid costume a lot more lingerie than actual clothing. She can barely even tell what Tyler dressed as, the generic suit obviously an attempt at some sort of outfit.

Of course it's Hayden, the slutty looking maid, who quickly earns a lesson she never expected, a lesson in costume chaos, where she is given a whole new backstory for just why she dressed the way she did, and what her intentions are at the party they were on their way to.

As Melina puts it, Hayden was far too innocent and good to ever let dirty cocks near her, but she realized there were far too many dirty dirty things that needed to be cleaned, and she would have to be the one to step up and take on that cleaning job, being a very special kind of maid. If so many boys had dirty dirty ideas thanks to their dirty cocks, Hayden was to be the maid, and clean those cocks.

Providing an equally warped backstory for Tyler, Melina is strangely satisfied, her anger calming... but just what sort of party will Tyler and his girlfriend be attending now, when thanks to a little Costume Chaos, Hayden is literally a Maid for Pleasure?

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18. Oktober
Kris Kreme

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