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Nineteen-year-old Kara, her mother, Jessica, and her twin siblings, Coby and Abby, are struggling to survive in the city suburbs. Kara's father left her and Jessica when she was just six years old and there had been no word from him since. When a letter arrives at their small flat telling them that the house they once lived in with Kara's father had been left in Jessica's name, they make the decision to move back to the country town Kara was born in. For Kara, the move back the house on the hill meant a chance to give her brother and sister a better life and the possibility of finding out what happened to her father. Little does she know, this small country town will bring much more than she expects.

Kara becomes focused on making money and Randy, a local businessman, gives her an opportunity to make large amounts of it quickly. Kara felt a certain dislike for Randy from the moment she first saw him in her driveway. She learns the hard way that money is much less important than safety and guilt and that when it comes to Randy she should have gone with her gut feeling. When she meets bad boys, Luke and Charlie, she is intrigued by them. Luke, Charlie and their friends are the local hooligans and although they are far from being perfect, Kara finds herself fitting in well with the hooligans. As she delves deeper into Randy's world and Luke's world she finally begins to learn about her father's past. When her mother and siblings become tangled in Randy's dangerous world, it is up to Kara to figure out how to save them.

Belletristik und Literatur
29. März
Leah Eichner