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Beschreibung des Verlags

After long considerations I decided to publish my first little booklet in English.

But I have to explain something.

I didn´t translate this book. Two internet translation programs did it for me. I took the German text, copied it and adopted it 1:1.

Why did I do it?

On the one hand I want to show the state of artificial intelligence and on the other hand the texts should show how difficult communication is sometimes. Often we understand and interpret words and statements in a wrong context. It becomes particularly difficult when different cultures with different languages try to find a way of communication by using a common foreign language.

If you read the following stories it would be great if you always keep this aspect in mind.

So ... this is my attempt to point out communication difficulties. In many places the online programs have succeeded in translating. But there are also places where the programs could not follow me mentally or do not understand the meaning of my statements.

On my journey through my new home, the southern Munich outback, I came across many natural inconsistencies that were in stark contradiction to my previous city life.

During urgent waiting, patience and meditation exercises, often directly threatened by death and in the face of a tiny fence barrier between cow and man, I was overcome by the thought of creating this little booklet.

The wisdom that came over me at the sight of the cows is neatly thought through and of distinct depth, as it actually only comes to the mind of an EX-city person - a Staderer.

12. November

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