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Creating websites can be a scary thought. It is probably the greatest obstacle that stands in the way of people starting an online business. This book was written specifically for people who want to compete with the most successful entrepreneurs who have the so-called "Perfect Website". Replicate these powerful businessmen in your own way.
Who is this book for?
Business owners looking to build a website for their business
People who want to create their own blog
Company owners looking for a simple solution to having an online presence
Anyone who wants to build a website for a personal hobby, or club they belong to
Anyone who wants to build a content website and make money online
And pretty much anyone else looking for a fast, simple way to get a website up and running
Learn exactly how to build your online presence and create the perfect website which includes sales funnels and sales pages. This book will save you hours of time and frustration and loss of income from online sales if you simply follow the proven formula that I have laid out for you.
Now is the time to step ahead to the world of technology. Technology Revolution has taken us by storm.
The main benefits of one-page websites: Scrolling — a must-have feature of one-page websites — is especially convenient when it comes to a mobile experience. Users prefer to stay and scroll down the same page rather than having to click through many pages, open many tabs and wait for every separate page to load.
However, if you still worry that users will not scroll to the bottom of your one-page website, you can use a navigation bar. To do this, divide your single-page website content into sections and make up a menu bar able to move along to be accessible on every stage of scrolling. Clicking on these sections will bring users to the appropriate place by speeding up the scrolling process.
Single page website is becoming popular for small businesses and client with a low budget. The benefits of this type of website are that it uses the content to compel visitor into action.
Some of the more benefits of one-page website design are:
-Attracts client with low budget
-It makes iteration easier, faster and more attractive
-It produces high conversion rates
-Decreases bounce rates
-One-page web design opens the door to more fluid and unique design options
-Look great on all devices

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31. Mai
Kashief Jagot

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