Crochet for Beginners. Learn How to Crochet Basic Stitches and Techniques Essential for Beginners

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If you've ever wanted to learn how to crochet then Crochet for Beginners; Learn How to Crochet Basic Stitches and Techniques Essential for Beginners, by Florence Schultz, is the book for you. In this informative and easy to understand book Florence teaches you all you need to know to start a life long journey with the art of crochet. Crochet is an excellent way to express your creativity and personal style. It is also a way to create personal handmade gifts for the special people in your life.

Crochet for Beginners is written for absolute beginners who have never picked up a crochet hook. Florence teaches you all about yarn and crochet hooks, how to read yarn labels, the importance of gauge, and then moves on to basic crochet stitches and techniques. Learn how to:
Crochet the chain stitchCrochet the single crochet stitchCrochet the double crochet stitchCrochet the half double crochet stitchCrochet the treble crochet stitchCrochet the slip stitchHow to crochet a decreaseHow to crochet an increase
Florence also teaches you basic crochet techniques. These include the following;
How to crochet in the roundHow to create an invisible seamHow to perform color changes effortlesslyHow to weave in tails securely
Each section includes easy to understand written instructions and large clear images so that you can grasp the basics of crochet easily and quickly. Tables are also provided so that you can use translate crochet hook sizes and UK stitch terms to US stitch terms. She also provides tables to help you size headbands and hats and explains how to use the tables to crochet different sizes of the same pattern. Florence's friendly style will make you feel like you're learning crochet from a good friend over a cup of coffee.

Once you have learned the basics Florence moves on to reading and understanding a written crochet pattern. Florence explains each step of a simple pattern and then provides three original beginner patterns for you to practice your skills.

Don't miss out on this educational and easy to understand book. Beginning Crochet will soon become a favorite reference in your crochet library. Get your copy today!

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