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Control: Either you have it--or you don't.

Two words, "Either Or," are particularly appropriate when describing, owning, and handling the majority of horses that buck. Either they do it because they're scared or because they're defiant. Either you're the type of person who takes on the challenge with a gleam in your eye or you have a bad stomach over the very idea. Either your barn friends think you should sell the animal because they feel embarrassed for you and your odd excuses for why you exercise it via hand walks and turnout and never a ride on the trail -- or they're pretty sure you don't realize the risk you take each time you hop aboard and they're considering an equestrian intervention.

And either you've got a plan to fix it--or you do not.

Make that "did not." "Did not have a plan." Because now you do. You've got this guide and so you've got a plan and with it a solution.

This book falls into 4 sections:

Section I: Learn the ground work required to begin snuffing out this deep-rooted issue. Given that "you ride the horse you lead," you'll begin your fix with your feet planted safely on terra firma. You'll gain confidence and control.

Section II: Learn to see a buck coming and what to do if it happens, then get back in the saddle for exercises designed to put you in charge and prevent future problems.

Section III: Perform exercises geared to address immediate and specific bucking issues: Bucking into the canter, how to deal with your fear, crossing obstacles, the horse that crow hops when first introduced to the saddle.

Section IV: Training appropriate for every horse and rider--and a must for those schooling the bucking horse.

Your horse isn't going to buck if you have control. Your task, then, becomes gaining that control, understanding when you have it, knowing when you don't, working to get it.


Section I
Ground Training

- When You Really Lose It
If your horse went ballistic last week, it didn't just "happen." Spot the signals.

- Where I'd Start
Bucking horse owners, here's something you can do with your horse that advances his training, is low risk, and fun.

- Whoever Moves First, Loses (Or, "How to Get Respect")
Secure your rightful spot as leader in your herd of two.

- Bridle Work from the Ground
Develop control over your horse's individual body parts and gain respect

- Reverse of Respect
Backing your horse is an excellent way to affirm (or establish) your position as leader

- Lungeing a Horse for Added Control
With added training for the bucking horse, here is the how, when, and why of lunge-line training

Section II
Fixes from the saddle and preventative medicine

- Your Individual Prescription
- Ride Where You Can, Not Where You Can't
- Core Exercises (Introduced)
- Despooking: Scary Things
- Despooking: Scary Moments
- Getting Back On: What to Do If the Horse Bucks
- Hip Control
- Classic Serpentine
- Softening
- Calm Down Now: Drop Your Horse's Head on Command
- Speed Control for Mind Control
- Slow Down, Part I: Move the Hip
- Slow Down, Part II: Train the Brain
- Horses That Don't Wanna Go Where You Wanna Go
- Shoulder Control
- Train Your Horse to Travel Straight

Section III
Questions answered: Specific and immediate fixes for the bucking horse owner

- Horses that Buck When First Introduced to the Saddle
- How Can I Overcome My Fear After Being Bucked Off?
- My horse wants to buck or crow hop when going from a trot to a canter.
- Crossing Creeks and Scary Stuff

Section IV
Training for every horse and rider--and a must for those schooling the bucking horse

- Each Time You Mount Up, Do This First
- How to Pick Up Your Reins Like a Pro
- Training Magic: Release on the Thought
- Reins Tell Direction, Legs Tell Speed
- Talking Horse
- Perfect the First Time
- How Do I Keep My Horse's Attention?
- Is the Cinch Strap Causing the Trouble?
- Is My Horse Hard to Train... Because of His Feet?
- The Sours: Buddy and Barney

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