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A Cuckold by Choice – So She Can Try Black Lovers
Book 3 in a series of 4 books about the Cuckold Lifestyle.
Based on letters to Joan Vegas

By Joan Vegas
Husbands’ report about watching well-built ebony-skinned black guys connecting with their fair-skinned wives, and observing the special pleasures their wives experience.

Some of the husbands comment on the equipment some of the black lovers tote with them, and their disbelief that their wives can accommodate such tools… but they do… to their mutual pleasure.

There is just something especially erotic about a husband watching the skin contrast as his wife submits to such thorough fillings by ebony tools.

One husband commented on the tremendous staying power that his wife’s dark lover has as he repeatedly sent her over the top before he released his own pent-up passion within her.

One wife commented on how she enjoyed a kiss with her husband while simultaneously being pounded by her black lover. Another wife expressed her special pleasure at having her legs lifted onto the shoulders of her lover in a way that allowed her to watch his connection with her. “My husband told me later that he will never forget the scene... forever burned into his erotic memory.”’

This is book three in a new series of four books on the Cuckold lifestyle. Read them all for a variety of viewpoints, and to learn about the hot sex had by those who embrace this lifestyle.

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Joan Vegas

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