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The Perils of the Amazon

Turning the pages slowly and thoughtfully, he stops when he reaches the page that has been dog-eared to mark its significance. Bringing the picture closer to his face, he moves it this way and that, and then places it back down. He runs his long, boney fingers over certain photographs and lingers. “Some of them sure look like me,” he whispers. “And, I don’t understand this printed word anthropoids—it must be what they are called. This is driving me crazy. Each day I think of nothing but them. The others like me are out there somewhere. I must find them, but how?”

The fanciful idea of this chimpanzee, Dabba Dabba Don’t, sparks and takes root. Determined to find others like himself, he leaves his home, the attic rooms of ArrowHeart Mansion, a haven for magical toys. His destination is the vast, uncharted regions of the Amazon of South America. There his original spark bursts into fireworks. Journeying through a hostile land, the chimp confronts each danger courageously and cleverly overcomes each difficulty, but, the success of the chimp’s headstrong mission is dependent upon an ape…the great silverback ape, Bongo.

Another mystery is afoot. It’s an incredulous discovery. Dabba Dabba Don’t, Bongo and the humans the chimp befriends in the Amazon are unaware of its importance…until much later. It poses great danger to the anthropoids inhabiting the Amazon region.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
29. Februar
Claudia A. Kukol

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