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At one point, long ago, Brennan von Däniken was content with his life. 

After many centuries of hard work he has built a shining reputation in the vampire community. One of the few Ancients not in stasis, he owns a handful of thriving vampire-exclusive clubs in the Pacific Northwest, has more money and women than he knows what to do with, but after more than five-hundred years, none of it appeals to him anymore. 

He was no longer living, he merely existed, and the thought of ending it became more and more appealing with each passing hour. 

Then one night, trouble walked into his club and life, turning everything upside down and giving his existence meaning once again. 

Nik was everything Brennan wanted but couldn’t risk having in his life. 

The daughter of a Russian mafia don, her brother was bitten and nearly killed by a vampire, the same vampire that Brennan had once called Brother, and was being targeted by Hunters. 

Hunters will turn out to be the least of their problems. Hidden truths come to light, complications and unforeseen dangers lurk around every corner, and enemies neither knew exist claw their way out of the darkness with one objective: to kill Nik. 

Will Brennan's love for Nik be strong enough to keep her alive, or will his soul be forever tainted by the blood of the only woman he had ever truly loved?

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
1. Januar
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