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An inner demon. A secret portal. The struggle for survival may just end them all...

For as long as Zade can remember, he’s fought against a powerful and bloodthirsty evil presence inside him. When he’s in control, he’s able to wield this dark soul’s powers to protect the nearby village. When he’s not, the demon’s thirst for blood can’t be controlled.

The villagers know there’s evil lurking outside their borders, but they’ve got it all wrong. It’s not the “demon ninja” they should fear -- it’s the monsters trying to find a secret portal hidden within the town. Their fear of Zade keeps them safe from the bloodthirsty demon, but he may be the only one who can keep them alive.

After rescuing a young woman from an attack, the villagers capture him and force him to live among them. As Zade struggles to keep his demon at bay, he becomes the village’s unlikely hero. He must prepare them to fight their greatest battle, all the while waging an internal war that could destroy them all.

Daemarkin: Demon’s Vow is the first book in a captivating fantasy series about perceptions, expectations, and one young man’s struggle to find his place in a strange world. If you like magical settings, incredible plot twists, and demon ninjas, then you’ll love Rachel Hert’s can’t-put-down story.

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Science-Fiction und Fantasy
15. Januar
R. W. Hert

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