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Dagger is a street kid, growning up in a city ruled by a brutal totalitarianism. He came into the world through a blasphemous ritual to resurrect his father. Too bad the father in question is a bloodthirsty god whose soul was banished at the dawn of time by his brother and rival, the god Angra. The boy is hidden in a guild of rogues, where an albino girl is the only person in the world who does not consider him a monster because of his red eyes. One night the Gorgors, servants of the exiled god and incarnation of the deepest nightmares, set fire to the entire city to flush him out, and Dagger realizes that there is no refuge for him. Soon, he will realize that no one can fight against himself.

Note from the author:

I wrote a Dark fantasy which purpose was breaking with tradition, addressing the narrative towards more existential issues than the old and overused formula of evil against good. In Dagger, the struggle between good and evil is not clear, nor easily identifiable. It is a tormented process, internal to the protagonist, with an outcome difficult to predict. I do not sell pre-cooked messages to the reader. I decided to create a text that would be open to multiple interpretations.

The saga continues with 'Dagger - Blood Brothers', currently under revision.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
31. Januar
Walt Popester

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