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Derrick "Dark" Dagger has serious issues. His garage band, Dark Dagger and the Holy Fools, has three weeks to rehearse before Wildwood High's epic battle of bands, and his bass player, Felicity, has been pushed off an overpass. Fortunately, her father has already brought her back from the dead—next to bowling, necromancy is his favorite hobby. Then there's Dark's drummer, Lukas, who has defected to the Holy Fools' hated rivals, Viral Culture, a techno-trance dance posse led by Vira Smooch, the snootiest girl in school and the great-niece of Wildwood's Mayor, Dr. Simeon Smooch. The Smooches are descendants of the Witch-finders who long ago drove the Harvest Moon Witches out of Wildwood, and Dr. Smooch has his sights on the Holy Fools' singer, Maggie, who may or may not be practicing magic. Help arrives in the form of a recently-resurrected zombie, Totally Dead Guy, whose voodoo groove becomes the Holy Fools' secret weapon in their battle against the forces of repression, oppression, and sucky music. When Maggie and Felicity disappear, Dark embarks on a death-defying search that takes him through a vast and confusing underworld library staffed by elderly, ill-tempered ghosts. He and his zombie amigo finally arrive at the K-HEX 66.6 radio station, where a werewolf DJ awaits them. After that surprising confrontation—and run-ins with an evil robot and a ninja archer—Dark and his friends discover who's been killing their classmates. The only remaining challenge is the Battle of Bands. Can the Holy Fools compete with Vira and her homies, or will the Smooches and their allies kill them all?

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
8. Mai
Darkstone Books