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Anthony E. Zuiker's Dark Revelations marks the return of a master of crime thriller, complemented by exclusive content at level26.com.

The most terrifying creation yet from the man behind CSI

Steve Dark has been tasked by the FBI with the ultimate search-and-destroy mission: to take down the
world's most dangerous serial killers. Now he faces the most intricate, intense, and explosive case of his career.

The killer calls himself Labyrinth. The riddles, puzzles, and wordplay with which he announces his new targets have caused a worldwide media sensation. The case has already claimed a number of high profile individuals as its victims - not to mention several government agencies, which have tried and failed to stop a growing global panic.

But what point is Labyrinth trying to make? Who will be his next victim? It's up to Dark to assemble an elite team from the remains of the international crime-solving community, find Labyrinth wherever he may be, and put a stop to the mayhem, once and for all.

But the mystery of who, where and what Labyrinth is, is the biggest riddle of them all. And if Dark doesn't solve it, he knows he'll be the next victim . . .

In Dark Revelations, Anthony E. Zuiker proves yet again that he is one of the true masters of the serial killer thriller which will strongly appeal to all fans of James Patterson and Thomas Harris.

Anthony E. Zuiker is the creator and executive producer of the most watched television show in the world, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He produces all three editions of the CSI franchise: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. Zuiker lives with his family in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Krimis und Thriller
6. Dezember
Penguin Books Ltd

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