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Darkness of the Hunt is the second volume in the Dark Lord Rising series. In Book 1 – Photon of Hope – with almost all life trapped within The Grid and almost all energy quiescent, a single photon resulted in a change in the dynamics and as a result, new life and energy was released to form a new universe. It was a setback but the Dark Lord began the process of once again trapping life and draining the energy from the Multiverse. Over the course of human history, we see agents of the Dark and Guardians subtly altering the course of history – sometimes for the better – sometimes not. Then there was Dath, an unknown warrior on a long-forgotten planet, who saved a comrade at a cost to himself of being drawn into the darkness. But hope triumphed over despair and the Dark could not hold him. He escaped and rose to the realm of the Guardians. Hope was the one thing that could destroy the Dark Realm and so the Dark Lord prepared to cause eons of suffering to the living; and so Dath, or The Wraith as he had come to be known, agreed to return to the dimension of life and to the planet Earth to struggle against the Dark. But the Dark Lord laid a trap to capture the returning soul and direct it to the child of a woman who was bound to him. Then, when all seemed lost, the soul split into two. One half was directed to Alex, the son of Deirdre – one who had sworn her allegiance to the Dark Lord; but the other half escaped. Now the agents of the Dark are tracking the child in which the second half of the soul resides with orders to kill it when they find it. But the Guardians have laid a difficult trail to follow and with only three Earth years to accomplish this, task time is running out for the Dark Lord’s agents. And so, in this volume, we follow the deadly game of cat-and-mouse as Gareth and Linda flee from place to place with their son Bradley while the Dark Lord’s agents draw ever closer.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
14. Mai
Doug Lewars

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