Day of the Penetrating Tentacle

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Life's tough when you're a Space Fleet cadet. Earnest good girl next door Alexia returns, beset by a bevy of new problems as she navigates academy life on board 3X69. When Alexia's not enduring humiliating medical experiments, she's being duped into performing in bdsm acts and submitting to her commanding officers. There are Sex bots, shibari artists, and tentacle monsters galore in the Sci Fi adventure you've always wanted someone to write.

So cold! Alexia thought as Dr. Phibes applied a speculum-like device to her cunt. She blushed in humiliation as the camera came in close for a tight shot of her most intimate area, stretched and exposed like never before.

“As you can see,” Dr. Phibes said, using a metal instrument to prod at Alexia's clit. She jumped in her bonds as shivers went through her body, but the contact was too brief to allow her to orgasm. “Our subject has an extra large clitoris. We will have to account for her extra sensitivity in our analysis.”

Alexia watched in horrid fascination as Dr. Phibes picked up a small box from under the table. As he opened the metal construct, a hiss of steam and condensation came from the inside. Carefully, he reached inside with a gloved hand and took out a tennis ball sized object.

“Get a shot of this, please,” he said to the cameraman, who hadn't taken the focus off of Alexia's cunt since the specula went in. The doctor displayed the purple, vaguely translucent amorphous blob to the camera, and then to Alexia. She squealed and tried to wriggle away, but her numerous restraints prevented it.

“Where's it's tentacles?” asked Shanice. She tousled Alexia's hair on the way past. “You're doing a great job, trooper! Remember, it's for science!”

“Oh, the tentacles don't reveal themselves unless it's near a female of most sapient species,” Dr. Phibes said “though it's said they prefer human women the best, particularly those of Asian descent who favor plaid skirts. Nature is mystifying at times.”

Alexia shook her head vehemently as the Doctor approached with the blob. She tried blinking in Morse code in case he didn't get the hint. She was done! Over! This experiment HAD to end, now!
Dr. Phibes didn't appear to notice. He placed the blob on her belly.

“Now, the tentacles will extrude and search out the vagina,” Dr. Phibes said. “Please observe the phenomenon with the camera.”

The cameraman pulled off of a tight shot of Alexia's freckled breasts and focused on the blob. To Alexia's horror, a thin tendril shot off the center mass, then thickened. Soon the blob became a mass of tentacles with no discernible central point. Occasionally what seemed like an eye would blink within the roiling nest of coils, but Alexia couldn't be sure if it was her imagination.
Alexia pulled with all her might at her bonds, but she could barely budge an inch. The tentacled horror didn't seem to notice her thrashing and made a slow, plodding walk to her cunt. The first tentacle brushed against her clit, and then suction cups took hold. She wailed through her pried open mouth as it pulled itself along by using her clitoris for leverage. At once pleasant and painful, her body wasn't sure what to do.

The creature centered itself by her clamped open pussy. It crawled in between her pried open lips, slithered past her inner labia and settled within the first few inches of her pussy...

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18. November
Lot's Cave, Inc.

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