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When Paxton Kelly spots a tall, blonde woman at a public event, her face rings a bell. This mysterious person has the face of an angel, but the cold, cruel eyes of a demon—evil just seems to exude from them.
Paxton racks her brain to figure out where she’s seen this woman. On impulse, she swings up her camera and snaps a picture.
Her curiosity leads to a deadly, life-changing confrontation. Paxton awakens in the hospital to learn that she’s been shot in the head by a mysterious assailant.
Soon, she’s under the protection of two FBI agents, who inform her that she’s been the target of a mafia hit.
Now, plagued by memory problems stemming from the bullet wound, Paxton struggles to piece together the details of her life.
At the same time, she tries to help the FBI agents piece together the mystery. Why does the mafia want her dead? What does she know, or what did she witness, that has made them so eager to snuff out her life?
In the midst of all the action, Paxton discovers that she is developing feelings for R.J. McDonald, the handsome FBI agent assigned to protect her. Both of them are suffering heartaches from tragic losses. Will Paxton and R.J. set aside their fears and take another chance on love?
R.J. informs her that the person bent on taking her life is Candy Valenachia, hit woman for a notorious mafia crime family. R.J. has already lost a loved one to Deadly Candy’s bullets, and he’s determined to take her out—one way or another—before this hit woman can harm anyone else.
Soon they must flee the hospital for Paxton’s safety—but where can they go? Everywhere they turn, it seems, the Valenachia family is right on their heels.
Who is feeding the mafia confidential information that only the FBI should know? And will Paxton’s resourcefulness and R.J.’s years of experience be any match for Deadly Candy’s cold, unfeeling determination to finish the assassination job she started?

Krimis und Thriller
8. Dezember
Brighton Publishing LLC

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