Discover Your Purpose and Find Your Destiny

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Discover Your Purpose and Find Your Destiny
Foundations For Living a Principled Life Connected To Your Vision And Mission Of Purpose

Extraordinary book of self-help, motivation, and self-improvement that will help you rediscover your purpose and life mission in a fantastic journey of personal rediscovery, which allows you to connect and synchronize with your destiny. Allowing you to become the best version of yourself and develop the full of your human potential to the next level, inspiring you to live a principled life.

In this BOOK in its SPECIAL EDITION, you will learn to:
*-. Discover what your true mission is in this life, find your destiny and understand what is the purpose that gives meaning to your existence.
*-. Allow you to program your conscious and subconscious mind for success and personal self-realization. Motivating and inspiring you to fulfill your dreams, discover what you are passionate about and make those you love.
*-. Promote the flexibility of tactical-strategic thinking and the understanding of mental and psychological processes that allow you to synchronize with your destiny by connecting with your vision, mission, and life purpose.
*-. Have a clear and well-defined step-by-step action plan and life project that will help you rediscover your gifts and talents.
*-. Act and make things happen, allowing you the opportunity to develop the fullest of your human potential to a new level of higher consciousness that connects you to the divine source and universal energy.
*-. Know and master the basic principles of redesign and personal reinvention that allow you to become the person you want to become.
*-. Start living an extraordinary life centered on your principles and values.

Basic Principles for Success and Preliminary Laws of Success series. Vol. 4 of 7
3rd Special Edition Revised, Updated and Extended
(Includes Practical Exercises and Action Plan)
Transformational Coach
International Writer and Lecturer

Discovering Your Life Purpose and Mission
The time has come to create your own personal fulfillment, the time has come to rediscover what your True Mission is. That is, the time has come to find the PURPOSE that gives MEANING to your Life. That VISION that inspires you to fulfill your most desired DREAMS, GOALS, and OBJECTIVES with the highest conviction, certainty, and security that you will be able to achieve everything you set your mind to.
Maybe, you are a young student, perhaps an entrepreneur or possibly a professional who is developing work. Whatever your situation; you may not be entirely satisfied with the results you have managed to consolidate so far in your life, or you probably don't feel the happiness you should be feeling from what you're exercising so far. If so; quiet champions and champions, that's why I decided to write this BOOK for all of you and teach you how to rediscover your Mission and Life Purpose.
Most people who participate in my Sections Online and Offline, (Conferences Face or in my Virtual Webinars), have a question in common: What should they start doing to achieve Re-Discover your Mission and Life Purpose?
To begin to answer this interesting unknown; the first thing you have to take into consideration, is to really know ¿WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT DOING?
Which do you believe; that is the purpose that drives you, motivates you and moves you to do what you really love to do?
What activity, hobby, hobby, or work; when you carry it out with that passion that inspires you to realize it, it makes you spend time, without even noticing them?
If you chose to decide a vocation to realize it the rest of your life, what would it be? What do you want? Where is it now? Where do you want to go?

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Ylich Tarazona

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