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Taala, the beautiful and enchanted Princess of Calon, is the most sought after maiden on Jonda. She is also the wealthiest. At the age of seventeen, no man has touched her heart or captured her fancy. Indeed, bored with the fawning lords of Calon, and life in general, she has turned away hundreds of eligible suitors. But her world is turned upside down when she is abducted from her palace balcony by Hawthic slave raiders and dragged into the gloomy world of Talston Marsh during the course of their escape.

In Talston Marsh she is rescued by a solitary warrior named D’Lyon, who is aided in the rescue by his avlon, a monstrosity of a beast having the ferocity and stature to match any dragon. While Taala’s predicament is vastly improved, she now finds herself in the hands of a very large and frightful stranger. Indeed, he is of the infamous Sillion clan, a mysterious race of the Fire Mountains, known for their savagery in battle and the high quality of their steel. They are so feared in some quarters that entire market squares have been known to empty out if a lone Sillion warrior strolls through.

As an elite Calon aristocrat and pampered royalty, Taala is uncertain how to deal with this barbarian, who is a head taller than the tallest Calonite and half again as broad. It seems that his stature is matched only by his irreverence for Calonites, the aristocracy in particular. Worse, because he has rescued her from the Hawthics and won her in battle, he harbors the notion that she belongs to him. While that is the common law of the land, Taala does not feel that a law made for commoners should apply to Calon royalty, especially not to herself. Although Taala offers D’Lyon vast wealth and thousands of Calon virgins in exchange for her freedom, he declines the offer and vows that he will own her ... body, heart, and soul.

However, D'Lyon soon finds that keeping his Calon Princess is not so easy. The Hawthics want Taala back, and thousands of Calon soldiers flying brythok dragons are scouring the landscape in search of their princess. This, just as full-scale war is breaking out across the continent of Saaria between the dark forces of Jaarn and the sovereignty of Calon.

Little does Taala know that D’Lyon is the Warlord of Ahaun and the War Master of the Sillion clans. His word alone can call the Sillion clans to battle. And only the Sillions riding their avlons can stand before the warrior dragons of Jaarn and the dark hosts now marching on Calon.
D’Lyon and the Avlon is a sizzling, epic romance set in a savage, fantasy world. A true cross-genre Fantasy-Romance, it weaves a song of love and magic as timeless as life itself and bids you to sing along.

Come. The journey awaits you.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
22. Juli
Raymond Conrad

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