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Dubai enjoys one of the highest per capita incomes in the world, government policies that allow full repatriation of profits and capital, no income tax and no corporate tax. 

I like to think of Dubai as fertile land in continuous evolution, which does not only feed on modernism, luxury, finance and technology but also on tradition and culture. Ultimately, it is a complete and complex ecosystem which is booming and capable of bearing so much fruit. 

But there is more to this. In fact, Dubai is the privileged opening for anyone who looks to the East: it is strategically located at the centre of the Middle East, overlooking the sea, only three hours by air away from a market - the Indian market to be precise - with 1.3 billion potential consumers. That is why a multitude of international investors and companies of all sizes continue to choose it every year, and increasingly by the Italians.

However, Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates in general can offer their very best to those who know the rules inside out and knows how to comply with them. Dubai rewards those who not only master the legal, fiscal and economic aspects but also those based purely on human relationships and cultural activities. This little guide stems from just that: to be a means of knowledge, a small manual for Italian entrepreneurs. With the hope that it will become a key that will open new doors to the future for many of its readers.

Business und Finanzen
22. Oktober
Sudio Martelli & Partners

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