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DON'T ASK, DON'T TIE ME UP - MILITARY BDSM FANTASIES edited by Eric Summers is the latest anthology from STARbooks Press. 

In their tireless and selfless pursuit of their enemies, large and small, soldiers, sailors, and airmen never lose their drive or their sex appeal. Military men, especially in uniform, fulfill a wet dream for many, and military men in BDSM scenes fulfill even more erotic fantasies. Is it true what they say about Marines? Is the Army really looking for a few good men or just a few obedient ones? Can anything top the U.S. Air Force? Does the U.S. Navy need more seamen? How does the U.S. Coast Guard defend the homeland from penetration? Boot camp and basic training create lean, fit, muscular, masculine men who are disciplined and respect authority. Recruits know the meaning of "Sir, Yes, Sir." Whether Daddy or boy, dominant or submissive, military men have it all and are best equipped to fulfill your BDSM fantasies. Whether in or out of uniform, the men in DON'T ASK, DON'T TIE ME UP - MILITARY BDSM FANTASIES will have you running to your nearest recruitment office. 

DON'T ASK, DON'T TIE ME UP - MILITARY BDSM FANTASIES, edited by Eric Summers, features stories by Lew Bull, Jay Starre, A. Steele, Ryan Field, Shanna Germain, Sedonia Guillone, R. Talent, Kiernan Kelly, Justin Shepherd, Christopher Pearce, Troy Storm, Tony Anthony, Earl Austin, and Shane Allison.

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