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During the chaotic upheaval of his team, guys transferring, new guys coming in, and the veterans left dealing with the loss of one of their own, Ryuu “Dragon” Shannon heads home for a visit to his Brooklyn neighborhood. He runs into the tattoo artist who had painstakingly inked the amazing dragon that ran from his calf all the way up his body. He’d been drunk that night, and she’d been willing. But now Jo looks scared, and she’s clutching the hand of a little dark-haired girl, Dragon is shocked to discover is her daughter, Ceri. Jo is brusque and standoffish, and Dragon can’t help but wonder why. As they are thrown together, he’s charmed by her sweet daughter and starts to fall for the girl he’d never gotten the chance to know and who has grown into a woman he can’t get off his mind.

Josephine Moretti is horrified that Dragon is back for an extended leave. She remembered touching his body both when she gave him his distinctive tattoo and the night they spent together. A night that changed her life and…gave her Ceri. She’d had a thing for him, even when she’d pretended they were friends. He’d never wanted to be tied down, and had always wanted out of the city. Now he was a Navy SEAL, and as far as she could tell, nothing had changed. Why complicate matters by telling him that Ceri belonged to him? But, Dragon has been away for a while, and Jo’s learned to take care of them both, but when a protection racket threatens her business, and both their lives, she finds that Dragon is every inch the hero she thought he was and maybe, just maybe, an amazing dad for Ceri.

8. Juli
Blue Moon Creative

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