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Aislinn Cain and the rest of the SCTU have just finished a case in Colorado when they are rushed back to Kansas City to deal with a problem close to home.  The person that has been trying quite pathetically to kill Nadine Daniels for the last few years has turned to killing her clients.  The newspapers dub him the Family Annihilator because he is killing entire households protected by Daniels' Security. 

As Nadine's files are trucked to the SCTU headquarters to be sifted through, it quickly becomes apparent that Nadine has more enemies than even Aislinn Cain.  Aislinn struggles to get into the mind of abusive domestic partners.  Most are insecure narcissists not psychopaths or sociopaths unlike the serial killers they normally chase. 

Also, as is the case whenever Nadine Daniels is involved in something it is more complex and complicated than it appears on the surface.  Daniels' Security has been in business more than fifteen years and they have had a lot of cases both on the books and off.  Not to mention it is impossible for Nadine's private life and business life to not overlap and Aislinn finds her private life and law enforcement life overlapping as a result.  Aislinn worries all these distractions will result in the killer getting away or worse, completing their objective – Kill Nadine Daniels. 

Krimis und Thriller
17. Juli
Hadena James

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