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Out of financial desperation, Sarah took part in a medical study for the summer. In return, the company had agreed pay her college tuition for the coming year.
However, unknown to her, the actual plan was to turn her into a captive hucow (along with her friends).
Early on, she became aware of the treatment they were feeding her and her roommates. But didn't understand the implications of it.
Then, she unwittingly allowed them to place her in a coma for a month and when she woke, her body has changed.
Some short previews...
I shrugged and said seductively, “You’re already fattening me up and I don’t even know your name.”
Damn, but he was really cute. I wouldn’t mind a tumble with this guy. No… Not at all.
“Jacob,” he said softly, “Jake for short.”
“Will I be seeing you again, Jake-for-Short?” I asked as something about this man was beginning to trigger further interest deep within me.
Was it some sort of pheromones?
Did he have a faint odor of sex?
Suddenly, I wanted to do this handsome man right here and now in the back seat. I wanted to see how he looked naked. (Especially down below.)
Then suddenly without a warning, he pinned me against the side of the truck and kissed me. My mind went blank. I could smell his Old Spice and taste coffee on him; the delicious coffee that wasn’t to be found on the trailer. My heart was racing and when he started to lean back and without hesitation, I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him back. Our tongues began to search for each other and came together as our bodies became interlocked and I felt my heart wanting to bring this amazing man deep inside me. I pressed into this tall mass of muscle as hard as I could.

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