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Miranda the druid princess has challenged for the Moonmist throne and won only to be taken hostage by the ghostly Mentarin. The gate worlds of Astaria and Argentum have been captured and Mudrun is being invaded. Major battles break out as Mudrun moves to a state of war against both the Yith and the Panmagicans. Few realize that their actions are fulfilling prophesy of the Time of Troubles. Aquitain, the Agent of Chaos is trapped in a nasty delusion. With help of old and new friends he recovers his hidden memories and shocks both friends and enemies alike as they discover his fearsome dark side. He rescues Miranda from the land of dreams where her spirit was held captive and upsets some gods by using forbidden lore from his divinity seeds. He removes her magic tattoo only to discover that she also has a dark side from her Llanllean spider ancestry. The two join forces to uncover treacherous hidden agendas; stop the wars; defy dragons, powers and the gods to finally discover the secret of Astaria which even the gods fear. They realize they have been caught in a deadly no win trap. Can they avert the Time of Troubles and survive? Find out here in the third book of the trilogy.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
10. November
Des Pensable

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