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ANGEL&STORM is a fantasy novel about the virtual reality game GALAHAD. 

You are reading this in A.D. 2045; it is an actual situation where everything is well controlled again by the emergence of New World Order (NWO).

29 year ago, anything related to Japanese yen had defaulted due to economic and environmental collapse of Japan, the country which used to be one of the main powers in East Asia. 

As a result, powerless countries were knocked down one after another by financial paralysis like falling dominoes. 

Moreover, the massive outbreak of the fatal yet unknown virus killed billions of people in some countries like China and Africa, and some mutant humans were born after the virus(e.g. Modified Ebola) outbreak.

Each country strengthened its governmental authority and imposed martial law, justifying that it is to find terrorists and to protect citizens. 

Not so long after, a religious conflict caused a nuclear war in Israel. In 2017, nuclear wars had begun in many countries simultaneously, and the Illuminati intensified the war between South and North Korea, the powder keg of East Asia, to gain enormous profits and supremacy. 

The United States, once called the mediator, tried to confront the full scale invasion of China and Russia, but soon it collapsed feebly and lost the title of “the most powerful country in the world.” 

Meanwhile, the mercenaries in the broad battlefield selectively killed the disarmed people.

The citizens from all over the world were left in chaos as they could not tell who their enemies and allies were. 

They could not take any more inflation, conflicts between countries and regions, and a food crisis, so the citizens started the first worldwide riot. 

The massive natural disasters from abrupt climate changes and tectonic movements made the citizens go through the worst era. Then NWO appeared in front of them. 

It led the survived population of five hundred million people using powerful control and justified that its control over people was to restore Earth. 

By the time 20 years of Earth restoration project was ended, almost all tasks in society were handled by Zion’s selected executors and robots, and the citizen from all over the world had received the new class called “commoner” and the identification system from NWO. 

World’s commoners were losing jobs as they were restricted from accessing high quality upper class information for security and safety purposes, and they ended up taking over the simple manufacturing and the mining jobs. 

World’s commoners who had lost their life goals began to have complaints against NWO, and the world was on the verge of facing the second worldwide riot. 

The revolutionary armies and the scholars around the world could not neglect what commoners were doing in GALAHAD anymore. 

To change commoner’s consciousness to civic consciousness, they began to infiltrate themselves into GALAHAD…

What would you do if you can change the tragic history?

What if justice you believe in is false?

In this virtual reality world with a medieval era setting, the mute girl Aru who wanted to become the pirate queen started the adventure with her mercenaries, traveling vast oceans and perilous lands. 

However, Illuminati and Freemason, the secretive organizations that established New World Order, tried to interrupt them… What would be the truth of human history that they tried to hide from commoners?

ANGEL&STORM is the fantasy novel with new perspectives on angels and demons, deceits of creationism, reinterpretations of religion and history, alternating points of view, and the expansive storyline with numerous characters.

This novel consists of six seasons, and each season is split into 15 to 20 series. One season will be released over a year.

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