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Any reader can use this workbook for Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress by Steven Pinker and find immediate help in applying its major lessons.

Enlightenment Now, Steven Pinker's newest book, offers a vast number of evidence and statistics that prove the beneficial results that the intellectual and philosophical movement called Enlightenment has caused in recent times. Pinker uses statistics and other evidence to prove his point of view, which states that positive aspects of people's lives are progressively improving while negative aspects are decreasing. Enlightenment has been acclaimed by Bill Gates as his favorite book and also became the number one bestseller of The New York Times. Enlightenment offers a great perspective that shows that the improvement of technology, education, and knowledge are results of scientific progress, which brings us closer to be an intelligent and humanistic society.

Do you want to apply the major lessons to your daily life? The goal of this workbook is to help even the any reader apply what may be the most critical lessons found in Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress by Steven Pinker.

Results have shown that learning is retained best through repeated hands-on applications. With Max Help Workbooks, readers will be able to find distilled information with applicable engaging exercise worksheets to maximize learning.

Don’t Miss the Following Content:

• Succinct breakdown of the book categorized into major lessons

• Read and use the exercises yourself or as a group

• Easy-to-understand analysis of each lessons distilled for even the newest of readers

• Simple and practical worksheets to further reader’s application

• Quiz questions as a resource to be used for yourself or others

Book is on sale now. Get your copy now and take out a pencil, pen, or whatever digital technology to annotate, implement and make changes manifest. And don’t forget to have fun - that’ll also keep you learning.

Disclaimer: This workbook is meant to further application as an unofficial companion guide of the original work and is not affiliated with, or intended to replace the original work in any way. We encourage readers to purchase the original work prior to purchasing this copy.

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