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The heavenly Father has been waiting for you to manifest the supernatural power and live the super life. The spiritual realm can become your natural realm and you can experience the supernatural daily. What are you waiting for, get this book and read it. You will be activated and the supernatural power of God will become natural to you.

Child of God, we are getting to an important point in history where the spiritual realm is gradually engulfing the natural realm. The best way to survive in these times is to be rooted deeply in Christ Jesus as the sole foundation upon which the believer is established. This book will help you to be deeply rooted in Christ. Your access to the supernatural is strongly linked to your connection in Christ Jesus.

The world is becoming very dangerous and darkness is rising almost everywhere. As we stand face to face with the works of darkness, the heavenly Father expects Christian believers to confront the devil as a result of demonstrating supernatural abilities that will stun the devil to the core.
This book will give you access to the various keys that will absolutely release the supernatural into your life. You can manifest the supernatural. You can be a super human because everything that you need has been fully paid for by the Lord Jesus Christ. Your responsibility is to know your inheritance and then begin to practice the things that I have outlined in this book for you.

As you read through this book, you will understand that there are two worlds namely the physical and the spiritual. The spiritual world is the parent of the natural world. By faith we can conclude that all of creation, thus natural and spiritual things were created by God. Visible and invisible things were all created by the faith of God.

So as you read this book, you will discover the various keys that will give you dominion over the natural elements of nature. It is your portion; you can manifest the supernatural because you have an inheritance in the kingdom of God. I will strongly recommend this book for you because this book will equip you to become a versatile instrument in the hands of the Almighty God. The Lord is waiting for you to take command over the supernatural.

Religion und Spiritualität
20. März
Louis Asare

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