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The computer is here to stay and indeed indispensable in today’s world. What with laptops and ipadds, iphones, video games, cell phones and so on.

For whether we know it or not computer devices like cell phones are also computers.

All this exposure to artificial light is unnatural to our natural coded way of life and consequently hurts us like any incompatible software or hardware will hurt any computer system.

The human machine is coded and consequently anything not naturally code to it will hurt whether we want to believe it does or not.

In this her new book, Adetutu ijose helps the computer user understand the impact of computer use to the eyes and vision.

She takes the reader through the biological process and provides practical solutions. The effects of the various chemical, biochemical and light imbalances, dehydration, nerve infection and so on are explained.

She provides preventive and management measures as well.

This is a must read for all computer users sand their loved ones and healthcare providers.

Ignorance is not bliss where computer use is concerned. Ignorance is slow suicide.

You have only one pair of eyes and many of us would declare them to be some of our most valuable assets though we treat them with a high degree of carelessness.

Learn how to protect yourself. This is one area where personal responsibility is the key.

Gewerbe und Technik
1. Januar
Adetutu Ijose

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