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Monsters come plowing through the night and sometimes during the day in this orgasmic bundle containing Monsters in the Closet, Inc., Monster Sex Motel, and F****d by the Monster Under the Bed. Three sizzling stories, each with unique monsters coming out to play! What fate lies for the women who lay in their way?

Monsters from the Closet, Inc.

Monsters from the Closet, Inc. is a company dedicated to bringing Monsterton energy from human screams. The company takes a whole new approach in achieving its goals, they utilize the screams of pleasured women. A fiery redhead by the name of April wakes up in the middle of the night to see one giant dark blue furry monster and a smaller rotund monster ready to fill up their energy tanks...

Monster Sex Motel

Monica heads off with her husband to their annual camping trip. On the way towards the camp site, they stop for a night at a motel. Monica sees a falling object from the skies and leaves in the middle of the night to investigate. What she finds is a little green monster and his protector, a humanoid figure made of black liquid. She soon finds herself locked in a small room with the two monsters.

F****d by the Monster Under the Bed

Kristen returns home for summer break to see her family. Her little sister Katy mentions that she's heard creaking at night while Kristen was gone. Kristen laughs at the thought of a monster under her bed, but when she's left alone in the middle of the day, she hears the creaking as well. It may not have been a good idea to laugh off the horny monster under her bed...

Belletristik und Literatur
8. September
Jenna Powers

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