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Loving him was forbidden and the punishment for anyone finding out about our love and what we’d created would be death. Not an instant death, but slow and drawn out, the same death human’s face every day; living but slowly dying. An angel of Life, like me, isn’t allowed to fall in love with an Angel of death and we certainly weren’t allowed to have a child together. We didn’t know what it would create; we didn’t know it would create a world so full of fear that it was easy to drown in. So we hide for months and planned for years about what we would do if they ever found out about her, our daughter, Chayyliel Jezebel; because at the age of eighteen they would.
On her eighteenth birthday everything changed; her world and ours. Our Chayy would be the change we needed in our world and she would teach us all, that through fear and pure will that change was possible, but it wasn’t without the courage to break through the unknown and unseen, the courage to see through her fear and ours. We didn’t know that we would unleash not only the most powerful being ever created but the bravest.
Where would one be without a past to learn from? Without a future to fear?

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
5. Januar
Elsie Snave

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