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The book offers a beginner's course for children with parallel German-English translation. There are a few pictures and the first simple German sentences in the first chapter. More pictures and German vocabulary are added in the second and the following chapters. They build up little stories, guiding a learner gently into German language. The method utilizes the natural human ability to remember words used in texts repeatedly and systematically. The audio tracks are available inclusive on www.lppbooks.com/German/FGRCP/

As you read a bilingual reader, your brain begins to remember words and phrases simply because you are exposed to them several times. You don’t even realize, until you must recall what you’ve learned, that you have already learned the new words and phrases. The graded language book with a parallel translation has helped many to uncover their potential for learning multiple languages. Whether you are learning a language as a hobby or for a necessary purpose, you will find such books are supportive.

It can usually take you from one to three months to finish a bilingual graded reader at Beginner level (A1) and Elementary level (A2). The amount of time depends on your previous experience with learning foreign languages and on your personal abilities. At this point you should be able to ask and answer simple questions with the following questioning words: What? Who? Where? When? Which? How many/much? As you improve and become more confident in your ability to use the new language, you can move on to the next reader level and continue your language-learning journey.

A good idea is to use the free VLC media player to control the playing speed. You can control the playing speed by decreasing or increasing the speed value on the button of the VLC media player's interface. Read and hear at the same time!

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