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Five Sexual First Erotica Stories

First sex makes for incredible erotica stories, and in this collection of five stories from Naughty Daydreams Press, you’ll find plenty of sexual firsts! Whether you’re looking for barely legal virgin sex or some other kinds of first, you’ll find it here! Maybe first anal sex or first lesbian sex is what you want. It’s only a point and click away, so get that e-reader fired up and get ready to enjoy the awakening!

1. WHILE HER HUSBAND WORKS (Susan’s First Lesbian Encounter) by Nancy Brockton

Susan and her friend Angela have known each other for years. One day, they watch a talk show with a doctor guest who claims sexually satisfied women are more confident and successful. A playful argument ensues, and before long Susan is testing the theory with lez sex…by putting her face between her friend’s legs! Will the women be successful after their first lesbian experience, or will their first lesbian sex be just a prelude to what happens when these cheating wives get caught?

2. THE NEIGHBOR’S DAUGHTER (A Hardcore Virgin Sex Short) by Julie Bosso

Faye’s decided she’ll be in control of how she loses her virginity, and she’s decided to find an older man to handle the job. She wants someone with experience, and when she sees the attractive new neighbor, she’s ready to make her move. Tom is everything she wants, and the virgin sex encounter is hot as hell. She not only sees her first live cock, she gives her very first blowjob, and gets her very first sex, and her very first orgasm right there in the neighbor’s living room!

3. DO IT! I WANT IT IN MY ASS! (A First Anal Erotica Story) by Debbie Brownstone

Murray isn’t letting Liz out of the deal. It was simple. He goes to her cousin’s stupid wedding and she gives him first anal sex. Now, though, she’s nervous as hell about her first anal sex encounter, and not knowing what to do, she calls her friend Mandy. Of course, Mandy knows you don’t make a sex deal and back out, so she shows up in short order to help her friend get used to the idea with some lesbian sex and a nice sex toy to get her used to a stuffed rear! Liz and Mandy never expected Murray to show up right then, and Liz’s first anal sex just turned into her first anal mff threesome!

4. HOT WIVES PLAY STRIP POKER (The Wife Swap Chronicles Episode Eight) by Cindy Jameson

Sarah Greggor is back with her tales of men who like to say, “fuck my wife” and women who like wife sharing. Her guest on her wildly popular show, The Wife Swap Chronicles, is Jane, a woman who wants nothing more than to tell her husband, “fuck my friend.” This time, a game of strip poker starts up the action, and this game is just filled with action!

5. FOR MY BIRTHDAY, I GOT MY HOT WIFE’S ANAL VIRGINITY (A First Anal Sex Erotica Story) by D.P. Backhaus

George is a hero, a thoracic surgeon who’s always on call, and when he’s called in on his birthday to save a hero cop shot in the line of duty, his wife is proud as hell. She’s also disappointed because she’d planned a long day of birthday celebration. George is fine, though, because when he gets home late at night, he’s going to give his hot wife her very first anal sex experience!

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity during various first sex encounters. It includes virgin’s first sex, first lesbian sex, first threesome sex, first anal sex, first swinger sex, and first group sex. It is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

First sex experiences are all just a click away, so move that mouse and get ready for things to heat up!

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26. April
Naughty Daydreams Press

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