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I thought there was nothing else in my life that could scare me anymore.

I thought he’d be like any other biker.

But I had no idea how rough he played

How hard he would make my life.

How loud he was going to make me scream.


I left on my eighteenth birthday to find my father.

I had no idea the kind of world I’d walk myself into.

I thought I knew how to handle myself, until Jaxon Morrison took me from my father’s home.

I’m not made of f****** porcelain, but Jaxon broke me. 

He’s like no-one else I’ve ever met. 

A monster with eyes as sexy as sin. 

A monster who has no problem tying me up and demanding my submission.

My captor.

My enemy.

The father of the baby in my belly. 


She's the daughter of our biggest enemy and his little princess.

I'm just a monster looking for a way to hurt her father.

So when I saw her, I did what any reasonable monster would do:

I took her with me. 

But make no mistakes: Faye Blackwood is no helpless damsel in distress.

She’s a spitfire who’ll do anything to get her way.

A smart mouth on a body with curves in all the right places. 

Taking her was the easy part, but the fun starts now that I have her with me.

She’s a princess. I’m a monster.

I’ll do to her what monsters are supposed to do to princesses

Chain her. Savage her. Leave her a shattered mess.

I’ll make her mine.

... after I make her scream.

FORSAKEN is a steamy standalone enemies-to-lovers secret baby romance between a ruthless biker and the daughter of his worst enemy. Warning: contains violence, language, dark themes, and STEAMY intimate moments.

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Scholae Palatina, Inc.

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