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A psychic prediction might lead to a night of unforgettable passion if they submit to their hidden desires...

Harley has been secretly in love with her best friend Joe for as long as she's known him. Unfortunately, Joe's in a relationship with Darren, a handsome and wealthy ex-racecar driver who has everything in the world going for him. Also, Darren hates her guts. On New Year's Eve, Joe drags her along to see a psychic and everything backfires. Madame Wanda—a crazy fortune teller with a Minnesota accent—shakes up their world by revealing Harley's secret...and claiming the three of them are soul mates.

Joe was a racecar mechanic before giving it up when Darren left the racing scene. Now he's bored and living in Darren's mansion, pumping iron but feeling rudderless. He wants things to change, and the psychic certainly shakes things up with her crazy fortune-telling. When her first prediction turns out to be right, Joe suddenly has hope that he'll find all the change—and the love—he's been yearning for.

Darren has always resented Harley for living in his carriage house, but he's been hiding the true reason for his anger from Joe...and from himself. He loves Joe, but he finds Harley distractingly attractive, and that's dangerous. After a wild New Year's Eve when their desires explode to the surface, Darren's the one who must deal with the upheaval and the fallout. Joe suddenly wants to go back to working on racecars, with or without him. Harley decides she's moving out, just as Darren realizes he wants her to stay. He must change too, but he's running out of time. Now he might lose the two people who have come to mean so much to him.

Reader note: contains MMF ménage, including male male love, and sizzling romance elements. A stand-alone romance with a happily ever after.

10. Februar
Etopia Press

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