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With over 200 suggested YouTube titles to accompany and enhance the  text.

These are the tales of Michael Parkinson, YouTuber extraordinaire. Michael has posted hundreds of videos to YouTube and has thousands of hits on them every day. In this book he tells the stories of how the videos came to be: behind the scenes when promoting Billy Fury dance shows with 300 amateur performers, and a show with professional dancers in London; Michael’s biography of Billy Fury and an explanation of his graveside tribute to Britain’s first rock ’n’ roll star.

Some highlights from Michael’s YouTube adventures:

A pretty Italian pianist and how she influenced his YouTube Channel

X Factor finalist Saara Aalto singing for him in Leicester Square

Walking the Thames Path, he did not video the copulating couple but did capture the giggly girls and the horses

Thursford Christmas Spectacular – bandleaders and penguins

Blackpool Tower ballroom and Scarborough Spa precede Brighton and boobette Joanna Forest with an emotional farewell appearance from Judith Durham and the Seekers at Nottingham

Disneyland Paris, the Royal Academy of Music,  a biography of Eric Coates, a story of Notts and England cricket.

Read Michael’s hints on where to attend free or inexpensive London concerts; find out how he captured Scottish Football fans invading Trafalgar Square, and fell in love with the Chamber Choir from Drake University, Iowa USA.

It can get personal: exam nerves, childhood memories and his National Service. And emotional:  The Gardener and Alzheimers Lady and the Tuneless Choir.

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