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Human trafficing is a huge problem in many countries across the globe. Girls are bought and sold everywhere and huge amounts of money are changing hands. One day I was asked to write an article about the subject and decided to find out how it works here in my country, Norway. I studied how things are done and interviewed some girls in the streets.

One of the girls that I interviewed asked me if I could help her translate some documents and that was where this book started. I wrote the article as a ghostwriter and sold it before i started working on this book. As we kept on working on this i found out a lot about how the girls are treated and by who. Actually there are so many powerful persons involved in this crime and I understand why it's so hard to stop it. This is organized crime on a very high level that involves people from all kinds of social rank.

I have to thank the girl for all the knowledge she gave me about the subject, a knowledge that opened my eyes and made me decide to help as much as I can. This is a the raw story told by an involved. When the book was finished I told the girl that she will get the income from it, but then she replied that we better give it to the girls who need it and that is what we agreed to do. All income from this book will be donated to organisations fighting human trafficing.

All names have been changed in this book to protect the victims and other involved, but the story is told in their own words. A story about human trafficing, abuse, threats, violence and intimidation.

17. Dezember
Knut Ofstbo

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