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Frugal Living Made Easy: Live better for less without a minimalist approach, isn't your ordinary "living on a budget" guide. Rather than demanding that you cut out the things that you love and live a minimalist lifestyle, this book focuses on helping you to cut corners where you can while maintaining your current quality of life. Rather than turning your family life upside down more than it has been already by your current financial circumstance, this book takes a look at your current way of life and helps you to make small changes that make a big difference.

Living frugally doesn’t mean that you need to live like a pauper or refuse all indulgences, nor does it mean that you need to live like an "extreme couponer." No, frugal living is possible by simply following a few easy tricks that can be seamlessly implemented in your daily life. Once these simple tricks take hold you will soon notice how quickly your life begins to change and begin to find more simple ways to save money through your own watchful spending habits.

Among the topics covered in this book include:
When to buy in bulk and when it's a waste of your money.How to maintain variety in your family's schedule while keeping up with frugal living.Frugal living without giving up indulgences and without forgoing new clothes, family entertainment, trying new foods, shopping brand name and even buying big price tag items!

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