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"Never judge a book by the cover..." and never assume "Gamers waste time." While the dichotomy between the non-gamer's perception and the gamer's reality is always a good topic at the dinner table or among friends, how many people really look into their myths and misconceptions? In "Game Changer" you're introduced to a world where games not only rule, but have practical applications for everyday life.

Delve into a new frontier where gamers and their games are changing the face of the planet through education, entertainment, and social media. Take a broader spectrum look at the way gamers are able to "think outside the conventional box" to expand their technological and social skills. Ever wonder why someone who is a known gamer is walking out of the interview smiling a mile wide? The hiring official most likely looked into their skill sets of technology, being able to thinking quickly for new solutions, the ability to work outside the box and still get the job done in a team environment, may be all they needed for the hiring manager to say "yes" to them.

"Game Changer" takes you through the ever changing world around us, explaining how games are shaping everything from science and medicine to engineering and autism, and the way non-gamers may want to take another look at the cover of the gamer's book.

Kultur und Unterhaltung
18. Februar
Aralyn Kraft

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