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Self-esteem based Leadership

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Jørgen Vig Knudstorp (CEO LEGO Group) says about this book: First of all I want to thank you Martin, because you took the time and energy and used your intellect to write this book; a book which you asked me to write a few comments about. Seldom have I to such a degree identified myself with the storyline of a non-fictional book and seldom during my recent readings have I thought – “this, this is me” or “this is exactly how I felt and reacted” – rightly or wrongly, for good or for bad.

Just as often I thought – “but that’s exactly what I do but it’s not working”, or “God, my team and my management are really “deteriorating” or “maintaining” instead of “developing”. Just as often I thought “but that step 2 with the self-esteem based characteristics, that’s what others have made fun of and said I did wrong”, even though it felt right. This is definitely the way forward in future management instead of hanging on to and being stuck in the past.

The main message for me has been the importance of emotional and relational management of teams and the organisation alongside the rational and contextual. The central point being how the relational is just as much a discipline and experience that is hard to learn properly in line with the professional and contextual. The book maps out my next ten years as a leader and makes it evident that a gut feeling is actually an ability of its own.

I find that there is so much material here and so much more to think about. This book is just the beginning of much more insight.

I’ve gone back and looked in my notes where I’ve written:

“Christ, this is really amazing, it’s just so me to be me. I’m best when I’m just me. The better I become, the more I’m just me and the other way round.” In an article in the daily Børsen about myself, the title “This Kierkegaardian self-acknowledgement” was used.

So I would like to say thank you so VERY much. This book has done me an enormous favour and will be one for many more leaders.

Jørgen Vig Knudstorp (CEO LEGO Group)

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30. August
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