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Get lean and look good naked gives us a radical protocol to get anyone - male, female, fit and unfit - towards a lean body that looks good naked. Cutting through the webs of misinformation and misbeliefs that torment the fitness- and weight loss industry, the author delivers a well researched and well-argued way to a low body fat percentage. The protocol involves a new intermittent fasting protocol (when to eat and when not to eat), a protein based diet and lactic acid weight training. All of the topics are discussed in depth and well-argued using published scientific studies. Besides the main topics popular questions about different diets and supplements are answered. The author gives us a natural way to get that often-desired lean physique, without the use of powders, pills and other 'fitness-foods'.

This book gives you a blueprint of a lifestyle that will get you results fast, that are lasting and that can be maintained. Even though initially this program will come across as radical. Read the evidence, check the research, commit and give it a go.

The book will give ideas for meals, but not many recipes; it will tell you how to create your own recipes. The book will give you some ideas for workouts, but will mainly tell you how to design your own. General knowledge of basic exercises is assumed. This book will give you a day-to-day schedule, but will give you the knowledge to adapt the base-protocol to suit your own life. This is not one of the buy-this-book-and-just-follow-the-steps-regardless-who-you-are.

Get your body in the right mode to shred fat now! Not for the weak of heart. A great source of information on the topics of fasting, intermittent fasting, hormones and weight loss, supplements, exercise for weight loss and much more.

Man or woman; toughen up, do what needs to be done and Get Lean and look good naked!

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