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Ghost of Red Cavern is about the survival of a human male on a strange planet, extreme weather here made the survival of mankind a miracle at best. The space ship which brought Devon and he and his earth mother to this planet sent a distress call before landing in the planets surface for meteor repairs. That distress call never reached earth and so there would be no rescue. Twenty years had past on this planet but on earth nearly a hundred years had past. Devon was born on on the planet he easily adapted to the extreme conditions as well as picking up some unique powers. He grew up among emphatic creatures very much unlike himself but he did not fear them for they had never harmed him. He heard them speak in his mind, though he spoke to them in his mind he did not have a strong mind and no kinetic abilities. He was raised in the Palace of the Royal family he was a companion and play thing of Princess Celia, who saw Devon as a little brother much different than herself for she was an giant Ant who was being groomed to one day be a Queen. He and Celia the Princess were best friends and as a five hundred year old child she got into mischief all the time, Devon knew no other human beings and because he was raised with Celia he loved her and protected her the best he knew how. When she was bad he bore her punishments for her. When they overheard the Royal guards discussing the last expedition to the Red Caverns he learned that humans had once lived there and he begged Celia to go there with him. Our story begins with he and Celia leaving the Palace on an adventurous trip to the red caverns.

Science-Fiction und Fantasy
21. September
Lgoo Books

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