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Why are you here? Why were you born? Perhaps youre surprised by such a question. Maybe youre not sure you have a purpose. Author and speaker Barbara Bryant has exciting news for you: You are important! You were born for a purpose, to glorify God with your gifts. You are an essential part of Gods long-range plan to demonstrate the love of Christ to a lost and dying world, and His kingdom will suffer without your contribution.

In this day and age, its easy to feel like a tiny dot on a gigantic planet or an anonymous number in a massive database. Everywhere we look, things are rushed, and few people take time to care anymore. However, in Gifted Inspirations, you will find that God cares and He needs your gifts. He designed you for a purpose and takes great delight in you.

Taken from the pages of Barbara Bryants monthly e-newsletter, the passionate and empathetic insights will encourage and bless you, revealing your very reason to live. This book is perfect for those who are struggling with feelings of inadequacy and desire to be Gods instrument to encourage faith and joy in the lives of others.

It is not enough to have a gift. You need to know how to use your gift to help others in your own special way. Gifted Inspirations shows you how to do just that!

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Religion und Spiritualität
19. Juli
WestBow Press

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